Was the capital riot staged by the Deep State?

We have evidence coming out of cameras being placed in position at point where the riot took place. We have evidence coming out of the riot being coordinated and planned which goes against MSM media narrative that the riot was instigated by Trump's speech. We have more and more footage coming out of strange behavior by law enforcement such them allowing the rioters into the capital with little resistance, weapons being handed out to them within the hall of congress, no cop seems to be concerned about gunfire and even giving the shooter of Ashli a thumbs up.
Yeah brah totally shot that bitch
Yeah brah totally shot that bitch
We also see strange behaviors on rioters side. For examples gun shots are being fired and people are calm and still filming and their actions of casual walking into the building and asking CNN videographer that was filming them which room to go into also seems very suspect.

In the Indictment, Special Agent Foulger says “Sullivan is walking down a hallway in the U. S. Capital with a large group of people.” Sullivan says “Why don’t we go in there.” Clearly leading the way.

Even journalist from foreign countries have looked at and analyzed hours of footage and concluded the riot was staged.Many people are also looking into the supposed shooting of Ashli and many are coming to the conclusion that it was staged. This video below goes into analysis of the supposed shooting and gives support to this argument.

Does anyone even have evidence that Ashli is even dead?
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Q guy with bull horn had his own personal photographer at the so called riot on the 6th

Was the capital riot staged by the Deep State?
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