Are you on welfare?

Wic checks, foods stamps, etc.
Personally I am against it actually. My parents were on it and but we eventually stopped being on it after 2 years. That's as foreigners. I am against it because I see that its mostly abused and even sometimes goes to people who are just lazy. I also see foreigners even of my own kind who have been on it over 15 years and they don't need it. What they will do is work under the table so they don't have to pay taxes and then collect their welfare check.
It's also abused in many other ways including the welfare workers who know about it and don't do their job well to remove these people who abuse it from using it. So its laziness on the gov side and the people's side.
Are you on welfare?
Yes I am on welfare and I don't work
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Yes I am on welfare but I work
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No I am not on welfare and I am against most people being on welfare
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No I am not on welfare but I support people who go on welfare
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Are you on welfare?
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