Why are Leftist SJWs trying to hard to wipe out all non-White cultures?

I mean, think about it: According to leftist SJW's, and their identity politics, it’s only culturally acceptable/PC for a non White/Anglo person to take on cultural norms of the White/Anglo-world, whilst it’s considered cultural appropriation for Anglo and/or white people to do the same in reverse. This creates an inherent entropy outflow, whereby the white Anglo-American culture becomes destined to over-write, and eventually overthrow, all other cultures in the world, without incorporating any of their cultural norms into the universalized Anglo-World culture. By arbitrarily asserting things like “It’s okay for non-white, non-Anglos to do Anglo things, but if any fellow white people wear a Sari or dress 'too black', you’re guilty of cultural appropriation!”, the SJWs create a one-way-street of cultural appropriation, in precisely the direction that “white man’s burden” people love; whereby the flow of Anglo-European culture permeates all others, but white people are “immunized”, via classic shaming tactics, from ever absorbing the cultural values of other non-white people.

With the SJW Liberals' absolutist rhetoric, they've re-imagined the entire world into a chessboard where everyone's either 'Black' or 'White', and everything's either a 'White' or 'Black' attribute, right? Only for them to then proclaim, louder and louder, that, “white spaces can never change to black! Any that do will be cancelled off the board! But black spaces are free to change to white as much as they want!” Soon or later, no matter the timescale, eventually, the whole board's gonna be white. Even if “grey” is an intermediate option (to represent non-white people adopting white cultural elements alongside their own), that’s still a 'white-ward' trend, and solid white will be the inevitable endpoint. That can't NOT be their deliberate endgoal. But WHY? Why are they actively committing cultural genocide against all non-White, non-Anglo cultures, via the 'cultural appropriation' dog-whistles?
Why are Leftist SJWs trying to hard to wipe out all non-White cultures?
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