President Joe Biden Puts A Halt To The Progress Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. Thoughts?

Right after his inauguration as 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden signed an executive order that immediately stopped the progress on the Keystone XL Pipeline, causing the sudden unemployment of approximately 12,000 union workers in the United States and Canada. During his campaign, while Biden did state he would stop the work on the Pipeline, he also insisted that we were going to be "mending relationships" with our allies and also supporting blue-collar middle-class union workers. I guess Canada and the Pipeline union workers don't really factor in those plans.

The Obama administration conducted FIVE separate studies that all concluded that the Keystone XL Pipeline was not a threat to the environment and actually a much safer and cleaner option than transporting energy from Canada via truck and/or train. It also means that we don't need to deal with the Middle East for energy. If liberals and socialists were genuinely concerned with the environment, climate change, and the planet as a whole, they'd be looking to permanently abolish all international airline travel instead. Going after the Pipeline workers and everyday domestic commuters does nothing to actually improve the environment. Meanwhile, just one round trip international flight across either ocean pollutes the Earth's atmosphere far more than a commuter driving to and from work every day for years. YEARS! I guess domestic energy independence, dealing with Canada instead of the Middle East when it comes to energy supply, and actual impactful environmental benefits aren't really important either. It's total hypocrisy, and completely shameful.

Joe Biden is our President, and I want to give him a real chance, but after his first few days, he's not making it easy. I fear that the days of educated middle-class blue-collar unionized American workers being able to confidently and consistently vote Democrat are sadly long gone. John F. Kennedy must be rolling in his grave.
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Whether you agree or disagree or were somewhere in between, thank you all for participating! Even my friend who appears to be some sort of weird angry canine fetishist...
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Though I mentioned it in passing a few times below, I underestimated the negativity that the cruise ship industry has on the climate, along with international passenger flights:

Cruise ships and international passenger flying are the industries we should be targeting for real climate change answers and solutions, not middle-class blue-collar workers.
President Joe Biden Puts A Halt To The Progress Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. Thoughts?
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