My fellow Americans, what are your thoughts on where our country currently stands?

Let me first start by mentioning that I serve the country, and still do for another 3 years.

I do not identify as neither republican nor a democrat. Although I will mention that 10 years ago I did in fact register as a Democratic voter. The reason why I changed my mindset was because I remained objective and because of this. Over time I began to see how dirty the left plays.

Warning: if you identify as a leftist liberal, what I’m about to say will more than likely upset you. But it is undoubtedly the truth. And needs to be said.

Since Trump took office, the Democratic politicians, their constituents and the media. Tried multiple times to make him look bad.

By using things such as racial tension (which has been prevalent in our country for decades way before Trump even became president)

Democratic governors and mayors forcing hundreds of businesses to close their doors, resulting in a vast amount of Americans without a source of income, which resulted in a domino effect that negatively affected our economy and the media spun it as it being all Trump’s fault. When in reality he was not the one that made the executive decision to force businesses to close their doors.

Now we have a new administration and a lot of the ugly truth has already began to show. Biden mentions multiple times he wants this country to unify, when since his presidential race. He and his supporters did their due diligence to divide this country, to try and steal the hearts and minds of countless Americans by using mind games and manipulation to make Trump look like a failed president.

How the National Guard is being treated at the Capital is downright disgusting. But no where, did I mention Biden go on national television and make a statement to demand something be done to better accommodate them when afterall, they’re there to provide safeguard to politicians just like him..
My fellow Americans, what are your thoughts on where our country currently stands?
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