If people can be thrown out of congress for refusing a covid test, how is congress impotent towards members “posing a threat” to other members?

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👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 This senator has recently been turned out of congress for refusing a covid test.. Whether he is being genuine in his motives or not I can’t say, in my opinion his argument is valid.

“.. Member refused to leave of his/her own accord.. authority granted to the Speaker by House Rules.. escorted out of Chamber.. Department of Public Safety." .. he arrived at the chamber ready to follow the required protocols by wearing a mask, social distancing and having his temperature take.. The seat that I hold for District 98 is not my seat, but the people’s seat. I work for you, and I cannot in good conscience watch expensive tests that should be given to Georgia citizens who desperately need them be wasted for nothing more than political optics at the Capitol."

Wondering, how it is midst recent claims by congress members of feeling mortally threatened in presence of congressional colleagues, The accused “posing a threat “ have not likewise been temporarily suspended, pending investigations.

In both cases IF concern for safety is ostensibly, the common denominator , why is the treatment incommensurate...

Surely someone or multiple people threatening your life through direct harm or indirectly by “creating a dangerous environment”, is at least on par with a healthy person refusing a covid test - that most workers don’t have access to on the jobs THEY must also perform daily.

Whilst Details of the specific threat congress have been left vague and subject to interpretation & imagination by onlookers, One concrete issue mentioned is illegal carrying of guns within capital.

I think it a fair analogy “ safety wise” :
A metal detector is to a fire arm, what a covid test is to covid. You are removed for refusing one, not the other 🤔

There Seems to be lack of consensus in congress as to how to deal with threat. Let alone what constitutes threat. Lack of accountability towards the public, for claims made within congress.

The threat has to be clear and unambiguous in order to be addressed officially to full capacity. There are legitimate concerns msny implications, but no central concrete proof.
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The people making the claims are genuinely fearful yet have no actual power and being too forceful will cause discord.
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The claimants are actually not going to the capital until investigations are complete, we just don’t know about it.
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Feeling threatened by colleagues is so mid January. It’s passé’ now.. They lack a supportive platform for the issue.
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They were never really concerned their colleagues were going to harm or kill them. Good publicity as well as distracts the masses.
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Accused Members are working remotely we just don’t know about it.
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They take the threat seriously, simply don’t take the public seriously. You’re inconsequential bugs 🐜🐜🐜 😐🤷‍♀️
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“ Intent to cause harm, threatening colleagues etc” should not be thrown around easily by people in power. It sets up a dangerous precedent for those without power and makes a mockery of the justice system... With a serious claim there is a responsibility to follow through.

🧐WHY aren’t the accused put on suspension pending investigation.

WHY aren’t the claimants making a case for this publicly 24/7.

WHY don’t they tell us what safety precautions taken in the interim period.

If real THREAT
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The quietude may be for legal purposes. Understandable... I do think we should question potential undo hysteria when people talk about threats in generalities to a powerless public. This question is not about condemnation of any side, rather the repeat joint circus around _ostensibly_ very serious matters. And zero accountability. For problems _they _ raise.

Similar pattern to how governing is approached. Optics First ; Safety Last. 👀 👀
If people can be thrown out of congress for refusing a covid test, how is congress impotent towards members “posing a threat” to other members?
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