What does poverty look like in your country?

Whether developed, developing or underdeveloped, how are the less fortunate coping with daily life in your nation. We all know that our governments can be corrupted at times, so I at least want to know how your president/prime minister is handling inequality. In my country (the Philippines), poverty is very rampant and corruption, especially in other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Timor-Leste, only Singapore and Brunei are currently the developed ones. Thailand is known to be a popular tourist attraction despite having inequality as well, alongside Malaysia and Indonesia (only because of Bali). Vietnam is a fast growing economy as well, though inequality still prevents the nation from prospering. It's not a secret that are also less fortunate people around China, Korea and Japan even though most East Asians are stereotypes as rich (at least in my country), while North Korea is too focused on military shit. Others such as India and Africa are mostly underdeveloped. I do want to know if the government in your country handles you guys fairly. I do love the US (me and my boyfriend currently live here), but ever since Trump became president, the country got worse.
What does poverty look like in your country?
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