A non-typical erection question?

This guy was over at my house the other day. we both have feelings for each other, and I have seen, ehem, indications of attraction from him before. We are always a little flirty and physical with each other. The thing is the whole evening he seemed to be sort of semi-hard or hard, but it looked like it had somehow ended up going down his pants leg instead of straight out, maybe because of the way he was sitting. I've seen him in really really tight revealing pants before (thought these were just normal jeans) and never saw his package actually do this before. I've seen another guy, who I was intimate with, have this happen though. Seriously, he was like this for at least 3 hours. Is this just because he likes and is attracted to me? Does this every happen to you guys? where you get chubby but not fully erect? I guess I'm mostly curious because it seemed really consistent, lasted a really long time and it was super visible.
A non-typical erection question?
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