What are the things you believe that nowdays are not a real necessity to have or to own?

And even now more due to the pandemic. This si beacuse of the current actual Economy in every country in the world. Goverments abusing the population deciding to charge more for things or services that now for many people do nto ahve the enough income to pay for things, cause they lost their jobs, their contracts reduced,. One example, in the country I live, for this pandemic, many people lost their jobs, they are unemployed, some have less income but banks are still charging to collect money from debts, loans, interests, etc and it is natural banks do not care if the person is unemployed have no job , they still need to collect. I mean some banks or financial institutions, offer "help" programs for their clients if they still have debts with them, so the burden could be less for the client, like paying a debt with less interest monthly but the time to pay for the debt, is like 5 years. (just an example) but that is total lie, banks will never really help the client. So like buying a new car or a new home, new piece of land to build a new home, now is not really a necessity, unless the person do have a lot fo money and they can easily pay for it.

So in my country our government issues taxes everywhere and for everything you can think of, and their excuse is that with the pandemic, the Government have lost money , the country finances are no good so the easy way to collect is for the citizen to sacrify and pay more for many things, or services even if the person may not have a good income or is unemployed. Im not surprise if in the future our government collect a tax for breathing (LOL!! LOL!!!) but politicians are untouchable and they can keep earning their good salaries, with good privileges that cannot be touched.

So back to the question now with this weak Economy in my personal opinion, owning a car is not a necessity, you can commute in bus, train or taxis, bikes or even walking if you where you are going is near by.
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But also by buying a new car it eimplies, money for many things, paying money to legalize your car, lawyers, paying the bank monthly if you l buy it for leasing Buying a new home not a real necessity., also implues paying lawyers to legalize the house, the land, paying lawyers to register deeds and many things and that are costly. Travel is not a necessity either at this moment, virus still around , even if you take care of yourself so better to wait just a little bit more until things are
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a bit more settled if your trip is merely touristic. Wher I live I see now many people traveling to other countries (Except Europe) so I beleive those people never lost theri jobs (luckily) or their salaries reduced cause to travel implies money ( now you have to include in your budget teh negative covid test, food, lodging, shopping so now for me travel is only for people who still have their jobs or have enough money they can spare.
What are the things you believe that nowdays are not a real necessity to have or to own?
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