Was America ever "Great" and if so what made it great?

Well "great" is a relative term but nonetheless, there was a time when America had the highest standard of living on Earth. This was the "Progressive Era" when the government got involved in the economy and implemented laws enforcing employees and consumer protection from business malpractices ending the conditions of rampant exploitation the characterized the raw tooth and nail (lase fair) capitalism of the Gilded Age. But after WW2, American industrialists led by Alfred P. Sloan launched a propaganda campaign that re-wrote history and in the falsified narrative they concocted: self reliance and entrepreneurship "made America great" and their lies rallied public support by gutting social security measures and allowing the private sector to expand the percentage of the economy that it controlled. Uncoincidentally, it was around this time that many other developed countries that either kept the percent of the economy under public control constant or expanded it surpassed the US in terms of the standard of living.

a lot of people complain about the "SJW types" saying that the only thing that made America great (for white men) was the oppression of the minorities. It's not only an oversimplification but an utterly defeatist view because it makes everything seem like a zero sum game and enforces the idea that any kind of improvement in the status of minorities has to come (in part) at the expense of the white middle class. So to hell with the 1619 project, lets launch the "1896 Project" and make these MAGA chuds shit their pants.
Was America ever Great and if so what made it great?
Was America ever "Great" and if so what made it great?
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