When do you think Covid will be 100 percent gone globally?

My friends, I just feel like this song will hold true to what we are in.

No time to rest, fighting to find a cure
No pillow for my head, link to poverty some people are in
Nowhere to run from this, means we have something we can't brush off
No way to forget, Literally links to how so many people have passed away and the pain of it
Around the shadows creep, could link with people that ignore regulations
Like friends they cover me, meaning how they like to try and get close
Just want to lay me down and finally get some sleep, feeling tense a lot and tired
We carry on through the storm, explaining that we need to keep fighting even in hard times
Tired soldiers in this war, could say soldiers means humanity and war is against covid
Remember what we are fighting for, trying to motivate people by updates
Meet me on the Battlefield, crucial workers in high risk areas, hospitals and police
I will be your sword and shield, the workers who protect us in these times
Your camouflage, and you will be mine, in their hands as they provide the vaccine
Echoes of the shot ring out, the rumours of what is in the vaccine shots
We may be the first to fall, those who believe the rumours will be at higher risk
Everything could stay the same or we could change it all... do I need to explain this one?
We are face to face with our own human race, the uncontrolled issue is altering personalities
We commit the sins again and then our sons and daughters pay, how the next generation will be dealt a rough hand to fix a lot of problems the previous generations caused
Our tainted history, explaining how bad things have been in the past
Is playing on repeat, linking to how we are going through another time of large death counts with no surefire cure yet like in the past.
But we could change it if we stand up strong and take the lead,focus more on adhering to regulations and more people researching harder on the structure of the virus to try and get a cure
When do you think Covid will be 100 percent gone globally?
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