Who repeated hitlers "the big lie" the Democrats or Republicans?

Leftist gestapo intimidating church goers instead of arresting murderers and terrorist like antifa and BLM.
Who repeated hitlers the big lie the Democrats or Republicans?
DEC 4, 2020
9:00 PM
A recent letter (“History repeats,” Nov. 28) shamelessly compares President Trump to Hitler. I was around during World War II. Who really most resembles Adolf Hitler?

Hitler invented “the big lie.” Emulating Hitler, Joe Biden-Barack Obama invented the Russian-collusion lie, still circulating it. Meanwhile, the Bidens cozied up to Communist China, our existential foe.

Hitler’s Brownshirts terrorized Germany. Mr. Biden’s and Sen. Kamala Harris’ blackshirted Marxist allies, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, riot, loot, destroy, and intimidate, spewing racism and hate. Meanwhile their party shrugs its collective shoulders, becoming increasingly Marxist in policy and hateful in rhetoric.

A good lot of our population has given the presidency to Biden-Harris who seem hell-bent on packing the U. S. Supreme Court and ending the filibuster and Electoral College. The Nazi eugenics policy caused the death of millions. Biden-Harris support abortion; although one-third of all abortions are black babies, and unborn Down-Syndrome babies are destroyed. Eugenics indeed.

Hitler’s Gestapo spied on German citizens. Biden-Obama weaponized the CIA, FBI, and Justice departments to spy on the Trump campaign and administration, ruining the careers of Michael Flynn and others. Blue-state governors order police to arrest citizens celebrating Thanksgiving, encouraging their neighbors to report them.

Hitler hated Jews. Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris screamed when President Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem. The Trump-engineered Mideast peace initiative isolated Jew-hating Iran whose path to atomic weapons was Biden-facilitated. Blue-state governors restrict worship in Jewish synagogues while crying “racist” and “bigot” to stifle dissent and marginalize their opponents.
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Hitler owed Krupp. Biden-Harris owe big tech and the mainstream media.

President Trump’s policies promote life and liberty. The Biden-Harris policy of neutering the first two Amendments portends the iron fist of totalitarian coercion. Eerily familiar: History is already repeating itself.

to sum it up. the left are the modern day socialist nazi party hell bent on killing religion, exterminating trump supporters and abolishing freedom.
Who repeated hitlers "the big lie" the Democrats or Republicans?
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