Am I homophobic?

I'm a Christian. I don't support LGBTQ+ either but I'm not see them disgusting at all, because I know that all human beings same (no difference) and they have own rights. I'm more neutral, I guess. The one thing that I'm afraid is gay people. I'm afraid talking to them or even be friends with them, but I just afraid with gay people that act or dressed up like a girl. Because one time, I had a gay friend, he act like a girl and one day suddenly we fight, he so annoying. He told her mom about the problem between us until his mom called me and mock me. Thank God, my mom defend me. After that happened, we don't be friends anymore and I feel traumatized. So now, I'm afraid with gay people (context: act or dressed up like a girl). Am I consider as homophobic?
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Am I homophobic?
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