Why are childless people often excluded from receiving monthly monetary government benefits?

I am pretty sure that you are all aware of the monthly stimulus check that are being sent out to only families with young dependent children but this isn't the only one that I am referring to that excludes childless adults without children.

It seems as if the government intentionally makes it very hard for single childless people to receive any sort of monetary government assistance unless it's something to the effect of a disability check or food stamps because the purpose for the money is only for the children, but there are single childless people that faces many hard financial hardships and experience homelessness and unable to seek employment for whatever reason but the government tends to overlook that and assumes that every childless person without children is able-bodied and should be able to work and survive on their own otherwise "no kids, no help"

Single childless people should be Just as eligible for monthly stimulus checks or any other Financial government monetary assistance just as much as families with dependent children. Need I remind everyone that families with dependent children are more than likely to abuse and take advantage of government financial assistance much more than single people without children because there is a lot of fraud. I have personally known people with children who receive monetary government assistance including food stamps that will sell their food stamps to pay off their bills and other non important things that does not include their children. There have been cases where women will have additional children just to receive more money from welfare.

So why does the government tends to cater more to families with children rather than single people without children everyone needs help children or not.
Why are childless people often excluded from receiving monthly monetary government benefits?
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