Does anyone else wish that the Kardashians never got famous?

I cannot stand them. I cannot. I'm 18 years old and I actually used to be one of their stupid fans for a short while when I was 15 maybe. I just hate them. I see tragedies on the news, and it makes me so sad... and then I see "kIm kARdAshIaN wORe a ScAnDaLoUs sTRriNg BIKinI wHILe STuDyIng fOr LAw sChOoL bY hEr dUmB swImMinG pOoL." Like what the hell. These people are like poison, and they lead as examples to young girls that it's okay to be cheated on, have kids when they aren't married with mostly black rappers and athletes who leave, it's okay to post sex tapes just for fame, it's okay to wear absolutely nothing and lie about getting body modifications. I don't want my future children to see their dumb crap and feel bad about themselves. I just hate seeing them everywhere... it's the fact that people compare them to the royal family when they're a bunch of idiot trashy white girls who try to look ethnic and do nothing to contribute to society. And their businesses suck. Like their products are overpriced, misleading, and trash. Whatever happened to class? To talent from actual hardwork? What happened to elegance without the need to show private parts? I don't know. Maybe I'm just old fashioned... but being naked and acting like a whore is not empowering towards women at all. It's disgusting. Some people got mad at me for saying that one time... but I stand by that opinion. Too bad their dad died... might have set them straight in life.
Does anyone else wish that the Kardashians never got famous?
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