Fellow Americans... What's up with our political parties?

Lefties are blinded by the ideology that love triumphs over hatred. IT. DOESN'T. We didn't love the British in 1776, we didn't love the Nazis in WW2. And the irony is, they're all about loving one another when they hate straight folks, white folks, gun owners, and anyone proud to be born with male genitalia. And the hatred goes through the roof when a simple counter argument is made. Oh... they're sensitive creatures too. All you have to do is state your preference. If they aren't your preference, they want to say you're misogynistic, homophobic or xenophobic or some stupid ass shit.

Speaking of which, Righties are so blinded by hatred and rage they are feeling from Trump losing the election. So blinded they can't think logically, similar to libtards. They completely disregard science, except for when it aligns with their desired views on life. Worst of all, they have proven they would still support him even if he did shoot an innocent person. Hell, they themselves would shoot an innocent person if Trump himself said it was okay, because "they're democrats" or whatever bullshit they repeat constantly. They too are sensitive creatures, but on a worse level. Lefties feel they themselves are personally being attacked when you simply state a fact, whereas righties will act as if you're committing an act of war against the country if you simply state a fact they don't agree with.

As a proud African American, I've dipped on the left side the moment the man-hating and "reverse-racism" began. And just because I'm pro-gun doesn't mean I'm hopping on the righty side. They have only gotten dumber as of... Either November 6th or January 6th...

A Vietnam War veteran once told me America was always like this. But what do y'all think is happening to America?
Fellow Americans... Whats up with our political parties?
Fellow Americans... What's up with our political parties?
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