When (if ever) did you reach your popularity peak?

So, the lady friend moved to my town about a year ago. She said it was for a job. But in actually she said she wanted to be closer to me. So, since she been here she has seen how I interact with people. She says people are drawn to you. She even had the idea of me doing something in politics. (Don't worry it will never happen. Lol).

So the conversation came up have I always been popular. And I had to think about it. I was the band geek in high school (drum major). I was in almost every performing Arts club. I wad number 6 in my class. But I was sorta a loner. But I was always invited to parties. And I never had a problem getting a date with any girl. In the army it seems like people always wanted to talk to me. Or, they would listen to me. In college and culinary school it was the same way. And when I moved to where I live now. It seems like I hit my stride. So I told her it was about 13 year's ago. And she disagrees with me.

Anyway, when do you think you hit your popularity peak? Or if you ever did. Or you don't think you did.

Disclaimer. I never realized it until someone said, every where I go. Someone knows you. And you are always nice and greatful. Lol
When (if ever) did you reach your popularity peak?
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