Is today’s popular music just glorified social propaganda?

It seems like every single regular everyday, run into them on the street kind of person all likes the same 10 songs on the radio. Year in and year out. All the Karen’s in the world, all the Chad’s and Brad’s... Becky too.

Just about every everyday normie lol. So is it any wonder (?) that people live by the popular culture, and embody the YOLO lifestyle, go home with that “hottie” at the club and suddenly “oops, I’m pregnant” and before you know it, there’s another single mother in town with 3 kids!

Not saying all popular songs are like that, but it’s almost synonymous with these kind of people and, there have been plenty of trashy popular songs over the years just forwarding the message of “it’s ok, go home with that girl/guy and life like it’s your last day” and all the sudden there’s consequences to your actions. The fun is glamorized, the real life effects are not and LITERALLY SO MANY PEOPLE get stuck in situations that inhibit them for life.

I don’t see how people even think or function. The radio just seems to be enabling people that way too.
Is today’s popular music just glorified social propaganda?
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