"Give me your baby" how would you respond?

I acknowledge that in this scenario, blessing her with my POM OC spray is the better answer, if I heard someone say that, I'd have to reply "Here's my motherfuckin' baby" as I draw my firearm and put it in the low ready position as to brandish at her but without aiming at her which could be considered assault. A continued approach will definitely be rewarded with a good hosing of pepper spray into her eyes, but I'd start by brandishing because I see someone who would kidnap a child as being as low as you can go and she needs to learn a social lesson. I might give her an educational beat down, knowing the DA will get massive backlash if she files charges for it. How would you reply to someone telling you to give them your baby or saying it to someone else?
"Give me your baby" how would you respond?
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