Have you ever heard of Saint Louis, King of France?

Louis IX said Saint Louis - King of France of the Capetian dynasty, Louis IX reigned from 1226 to 1270. During these sumptuous years for the country, he became the protector of justice and peace as well, than Christendom, while consolidating royal power. Louis IX was born in Poissy on April 25, 1214. Having lost his father very young, he was brought up by his mother, Blanche de Castille. Regent of France, she had her son crowned in 1226 in order to put an end to the harmful ambitions of the great feudal lords. Louis IX wears the crown when he comes of age, on April 25, 1234, then marries Marguerite de Provence the following month. His reign will be profoundly marked by the strict and pious education received from his mother, who wanted more than anything to make him a perfect Christian knight.

In 1242, he had to face the revolts of the barons of the South and won two victories at Taillebourg and Saintes against Henry III, King of England who supported the uprising. After this episode, he strives to keep the peace within the kingdom. His great piety, his sense of justice and his kindness inspire the respect of all and allow him to easily establish his authority. Louis IX the Crusader
His unbounded faith led him, in 1248, to organize the Seventh Crusade in the direction of Egypt. In June 1249, he seized Damietta but suffered a stinging defeat at Mansourah in April 1250. Taken prisoner, he regained his freedom only in exchange for a ransom. After four years spent in Syria, he was forced to return to France after the death of his mother in 1252.

In France, he strengthened royal power and tried to pacify the kingdom with patience and fairness. He laid the foundations for a parliamentary system and in 1259 signed a peace treaty with the King of England, Henry III. Finally, he had the Sainte-Chapelle and the Sorbonne built in 1257.
Have you ever heard of Saint Louis, King of France?
Have you ever heard of Saint Louis, King of France?
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