What are your opinions on charity street solicitors?

A few weeks ago I was waking to my doctors appointment in the downtown part of my city. I was approached by a girl at a charity stand who wanted to tell me about their charity. I listened and I did like what they do but I'm not one to give too much money when I can't really afford much for myself. I recently got a new and better job so I'm still working on my finances. I used to do food bank stuff with my mom and donate our old clothes when we grew out of them but we never really gave money so that aspect of charity is foreign to me although I do like to help out if I can. This girl was very fun to talk to, very bubbly personality and tried to get to know me on a personal level.

So we got to the part of about whether I donate or not. I thought it was a one-time donation so I said "Yes, why not". They got super excited and had me fill out all my personal information on a form with my banking info.

The last step was the girl had to call her office so they can verify my details. I am very introverted and I don't like being the center of attention. She had me talk to her office admin on speaker phone on the street, saying my personal information out loud while strangers stared at me as they walked by. I felt a bit violated by that. After the phone call they wanted to take my picture which I'm not a big fan of taking pictures of myself. They just made it a huge deal. After all that, they said I have been signed up for MONTHLY payments of $40 which I was unaware of and want me to continue with them for at least a year. Now I want to cancel but I feel bad for canceling so soon even though they said I can cancel if I want to.

I think street soliciting for charities are bad. I think its for people who are financially stable want to share their income with the less fortunate. People who are just getting their finances together or can't afford it should not be pressured into donating especially if its monthly payments.

That's my experience with it. What do you all think?
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Adding on to this, I have to call them to verify my details again to cancel. I already verified my details on the street to the public. I don't get why I need to do it again.
What are your opinions on charity street solicitors?
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