Should we all be skeptics over the mainstream media/journalism & “scientists.”?

With hyperbolic statements to outright falsities, should we all be skeptics nowadays?

For example, this whole COVID pandemic has had many inconsistencies, falsities, etc.

Dr. Fauci claims one thing, but privately speaks another thing, such as believing that the origins of the virus was more naturalistic instead more akin to the lab-leak hypothesis.

His private emails says something different as opposed to what he’s publicly said

Fauci has LIED to congress 100%

YouTube was censoring those who believed and posted videos on the lab-leak hypothesis, basically saying that the virus came from the Wuhan Lab in China.

Now, Lab-Leak hypothesis is the MAIN or prevailing view

News media and journalist outright lying, contorting facts, stirring emotions, etc.
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This wasn’t purely supposed to be about COVID, rather, any topic that tends to have competing or conflicting points of view, primarily by “experts” who have been shown to lie or be disingenuous in what they say to the public, such as Fauci.

He’s just ONE example.

Again, this isn’t strictly about COVID
Should we all be skeptics over the mainstream media/journalism & “scientists.”?
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