What are the Democrats really up to?

Do you think that the Democrats have a trick up their sleeve? Honestly they aren't letting Biden bury them. He's obviously mentally slipping, they will not let him answer questions, they cut off his sound feed mid sentence. Harris isn't president material either. The next in line is Pelosi. What are they up to?
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Come on let's be honest. How could they actually let Comrad Biden do the things he's doin without some kind of plan. As bad as you all think Trump was, I can not believe he would've left Afghanistan like we just did. The treasonous general making calls that I personally think The wicked witch of the west Pelosi had a part in. The weasely Sec of State that just spent 2 days lying to Congress. Democrats can't be this stupid, the American people aren't.
What are the Democrats really up to?
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