Is "male lives matter" offensive?

I believe we live is a world which systemically oppresses men and pressures us into sacrificing ourselves, leading to men dying younger, getting injured more often, being more burdened by illness, experience worse quality of living, and we're even more likely to die by suicide (due largely to a lack of adequate access to mental health support, society ignores our problems and tells us to man up). "They fall ill at a younger age and have more chronic illnesses than women." That's a quote from harvard by the way.

Then there is the fact that men work longer and harder hours on average, we are more likely to be conscripted into the army, and we are expected to protect and provide for a family which no longer values us like it used to. It really seems to me like male lives don't matter in today's society, we are used up, tossed away, and then used some more, this mainly works through children and divorce, you just marry the man, use his resources for a few years, have his kid, divorce him, and then profit. Heck, half the time he doesn't even need to be the parent, you just have to convince him to sign the birth certificate and he'll be forced to pay regardless of whether of what the dna evidence says. There are women who have even used this in court battles to try to get primary custody of the kid, but then the father still has to pay child support because he thought he was the father at the time, because he believed her lies and now must be punished for it? Modern men are just used as tools, which is why I proudly say: Male Lives Matter!

And this isn't to dismiss the black lives matter movement, but rather this is mimic it, and to therefore show it the highest form of flattery.
Is "male lives matter" offensive?
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