Should Arizona State University be shut down?

State universities, by definition, accept taxpayer dollars to do anything they do. Money that you're forced to pay, so the state can finance the glorified compound to perform its operations. Therefore, it's accountable to you for how it spends your money.

And far too often, they spend your money on Woke cult insanity. In this fairly-recent example, the "Multicultural Club" on campus has made its mission be to deny whites a study space on campus - even though they're paying extra for it!

Imagine being part of a cult that considers itself so "Progressive," that it feels it can be "Progressive" by literally reinstating Segregation - ILLEGALLY, mind you - and feel virtuous, because it lazily flipped the hourglass regarding who gets to be targeted for harassment.

i remember almost 20 years ago, being told that "multicultural" on colleges was code for "white genocide." That sounded absurd in the mid-2000s. Today? It's undeniable.

Another thing the ladies behind this stunt refuse to acknowledge: when thugs with badges overstep their authority, they are no longer acting as police. They are criminals with badges. So a "police lives matter" sticker should not result in such an outlandish attack. At worst, a sticker like that on a laptop deserves to be ignored. Not used as grounds to justify harassment!

And any idiot who can read statistics can tell you that thugs with badges do TWICE as much harm to white victims of injustice. ESPECIALLY when you factor in federal agents who overstep! Bear in mind: nobody rioted over Tony Timpa. And the mishandling of his case was twice as disgusting as anything done to George Floyd, and at least three times less justifiable!

Alas, Wokeists don't think. They let the cult "think" for them. Contradictory factual information doesn't compute, and neither does nuance.
Should Arizona State University be shut down?
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