Who has seen *RACEBAIT* Questions ?

Who has seen a rise in the race bait questions

And to be honest I am fucking sick and tired of it. I would like to know are you a part of the solution. Or are you a part of the problem

So if you're part of the solution. You don't see color. You're positive person and we help each other make the world become a much better place for our loved ones. For our kids... who are the people that are going to be living g here. We need to do it for each other
He's raced be questions that we were going to start seeing are used to get us pissed off don't fall for it if you see a race big question tell them to fuck off and get off the planet please

Or you're part of the problem can you hate life so much you hate yourself so much you need to blame everybody because it gives you that excuse to be an asshole and cause problems cause chaos and destruction good see you already know that because you make it happen destroying an innocent people's property that's what makes you happy I say get off the planet
Who has seen *RACEBAIT* Questions ?
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