Why do people call the Confederates traitors?

Here’s a video that explains the Civil War without “North good American hero, South evil traitor inbred” propaganda.

If you think the South was anti-American traitors and the North was all American heroes your view of history is whitewashed as fuck. They were ALL AMERICANS that’s why it was called a CIVIL WAR

Y’all really don’t realize how close the South got to winning the War we were damn close to having Robert E Lee on the $5 bill and y’all would’ve been raised to feel normal about it.

Y’all would’ve thought “Slavery was common back then. It was going to be obsolete in 20 years anyway. At least we stopped the tyranny of the federal government!”

If America lost the Revolution we would call it Washington’s rebellion and consider him a crazy and evil traitor. Grow up. I love being Southern and I ain’t ashamed of nothing.
Why do people call the Confederates traitors?
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