Warped reality/Serbian horrors?


I was fosterparented by a transgender couple from/still in, the south of Serbia (Prokuplje)

They set me up to live with a transgender sibling - a boy (officially) - who always wanted to get _fucking pregnant_ with me (imagine the horror of having to live with that, and being beaten up when you object to the insanity of it)

Those fosterparents _still_ want to set me up for a 'meaningful' (but, in fact, high profile) relationship - so that, on the back of it, they can steal/commit some crime (not homicides per se, though they don't mind those - more theft of property/embezzlement/con artisty stuff)

Considering that they are such, any relationship I might want to get into they only support if they can get enabled for crimes by it (in which case I feel guilty because someone gets robbed) - or they sabotage it from the start - since it brings nothing to them.

To get the Serbian judiciary to do anything about this is impossible, since large parts of the society are criminals/supportive of transgenders having revenge on the world for being mutilated (they consider it their right to punish the west/the rich (it is not at all country specific- they'd gladly set me up with any nationality as long as they could steal something by doing that, otherwise - they badmouth and harass me or the girl I might be interested in until one or both of us give up/they insist on keeping me available until the choice I can make enables their criminal plans - with support all the way to president Vučić (yes, Kosovo is involved, both of those transgender assholes lived there for a while/until they got kicked out, in 1980 or 1982 some time))
Warped reality/Serbian horrors?
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