How to be a Good Friend in the Modern World?

How to be a Good Friend in the Modern World?
"Signs suggest that the role of friends in American social life is experiencing a pronounced decline,” according to a May study published by the Survey Center on American Life.

Study authors revealed that “Americans report having fewer close friendships than they once did, talking to their friends less often, and relying less on their friends for personal support.”

Per the shocking study, nearly half of all Americans — 49% — reported having fewer than three close friends.

Two Decades of Friendship Deterioration: While the survey covers many aspects of adult American friendships, analysis from SCAL shows that men’s relationships are seeing a long-term decline. In 1990, 55% of US men reported they had at least six close friends; in 2021, that proportion has fallen to just 27%.

A Shoulder to Cry On: Friendships are particularly important in times of need, as we’ve experienced during the financial and emotional impact of Covid-19. However, in 2021, only 22% of young men would turn to their friends first in times of need, down from 45% in 1990. Instead, 36% say their parents are their first point of call when they need assistance – perhaps owing to the number of young men still living at home (see Early Adulthood Decoded for more).

Isolation Era:
The proportion who claim they have no close friends has also grown. In 1990, only 3% said this was true compared to 15% this year, rising to 20% among contemporary single men. And the pandemic hasn’t helped – 43% of 18- to 29-year-old men and 37% aged 30-49 report they’ve lost touch with a few friends over the last 12 months.

We need to appreciate our friends now more than ever, so how are you a good friend in the Modern World?
We spend time together, in-person, face-to-face
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We go through new experiences together, and push ourselves out of our Comfort Zone
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We share our emotions and can be real about how we feel
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We introduce our friends to other people we know and help them grow thier social networks
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How to be a Good Friend in the Modern World?
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