Do you think the problem with most people is they are full of crap?

It's well understood there is a brain (ontop your shoulders) and a "gut brain".. in your gut. 110 trillion bacteria "communicate" and produce chemicals, signals. The gut brain heavily influences emotions and feelings. If you haven't experienced that for yourself, you can read about it below. !

Do you hear the BS at.15 in this testimony from a lawyer..., contradicted at 5:15?The Bible, an ancient operating manual for the human condition, says fasting is recommended, Jesus of Nazareth said to do it for various reasons... well before twinkies were invented.

Indians and Muslims fast as a matter of discipline. Generations past, people would go hungry for lack of finding food... forced fasting. Westerners... do we fast or chow down on Starbucks and cake?

Apparently, Elvis Presley. died with a lot of fecal matter stuck in his intestines. That ain't BS, it killed him.

Former President Trump appears to be full of a lot of crap.. see that?
seriously... you see that?
seriously... you see that?
President Biden, is skinny, less emotionally difficult than the other guy. But he may not realize he's full of crap as his mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. Crap isn't everything. VP Harris... hard to get a pic below the shoulders. kinda porky.. see that?
Holly crap, youre gonna be president.
Holly crap, you're gonna be president.
Is it possible... that the social/emotional problems, immunity challenges, we face in the world, country, our leaders, our lives, our relationships... are that we are quite possibly... full of crap? Literally...

If so, what dietary disciplines can you integrate into your life to improve yourself so your world is less full of crap?
Holly crap, that sounds right, Im gonna...
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That's right on, I gotta study more about crap... crap is apparently important
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Sounds like crapola.
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Do you think the problem with most people is they are full of crap?
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