Is it wrong that I hate people?

Like here in gag, people say that they hate this group of people, or they hate women, or they hate men.

But is it normal to just hate living things in general? Like I hate human beings, I hate dogs, I hate cats and sometimes I just think it’s better if none of these things ever existed.
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as for only the human beings, I hate them because of how flawed they are - A lot of the problems we have today could be solved If not for human selfishness, prejudices, greed and malice.

I don’t get why humans bulid themselves up either, Being self-aware doesn’t make you special. We’re still as dumb as ever repeating the same mistakes over and over again, The worst part it’s ingrained into our DNA, So no amount of pretending to fix these issues is going to actually fix it
Is it wrong that I hate people?
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