Which country is better: China or the USA?

China is the main producer of all goods we need, smartphones, clothes, machinery, toys, sports equipment, medical equipment, processed food, furniture, basically everything we have in our homes is made in China.

Whereas the USA exports woke culture, wars, misery and interracial p*rn to the rest of the world.

Which country is the best?

China of course!
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I'm here to remind you that China is the best country in the world.

While China exports only useful things to improve people's lives, the USA exports dumbfuckery to make people's lives more stupid and meaningless.

The US is the disease, China is the cure.
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Ayo dear Americans! Are you using your freedom to comply with your country's woke cult, vax mandates, CRT and Cancel Culture?

The perks of being free... 😆

Which country is better: China or the USA?
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