Who else has parents like mine?

My stepdad who is strongly homophobic and mildly racist/classist, and my mom who is extremely ableist, problematic and insensitive. I am starting to hate my relatives more than ever, and both the Trump and now Biden presidencies have brought in strong divisiveness both in political and nonpolitical cases. People have started to become ruder, meaner, and more crass than ever. It really hurts me that people are like this. It has rarely ever been like this before the Trump era. I really hate people, especially insensitive people.

Just because your 2000-year-old Hebrew-written book barely says "respect your parents," it probably has been translated out of context. As with all the homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, racist and sexist takes from the so-called "verses" the idiots and douchebags use. MANY of my relatives are like this, and MANY politicians I know are like this. I cannot stand Democrats, Republicans, or even most "independents" these days; I've turned myself back from these cults and their grifterism/asshole-ry.

My brother who is ten years old literally cannot get HIMSELF out of the bathroom. That's why he always calls his dad to try and get him out. But for the second time, he told him to ask our mom since he (my stepdad) was busy, and when he (my halfbrother) did that, Mom got really pissed off and said "don't even ask me, you're an adult, you're 10, go figure it out." I really hate it when people use others' ages as a result and solving of their problems, and sometimes my stepdad brings up the fact that I'm 21 when I am upset or angry.

My parents claim to be "centrist," but they're actually big business capitalist and far-right conservative frauds (by action, not just words) who like to make a mockery of people who aren't even the sense like them. Especially my stepdad. I unofficially left the Trump club a few months ago after seeing how cruel his supporters were, so I am a former Trump supporter (I was a Trumpie since the later end of high school).
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My mom's sisters and brother are even worse than her, just borderline with my stepdad. I've seen them be extremely homophobic, transphobic, making racist jokes and mocking Chinese people too. I hate those people and I hate everyone who is associated with them.
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My brother watches and enjoys YouTube Reel videos that make fun of AOC's name (AOKFC) because of her brown skin, and says hard-er N-words, but gets grossed out whenever a word related to sexuality is used (such as gay or bisexual, because he's not allowed to hear or say them). From my experience, it's always the ones who say they're not racist or whatever, that are racist and whatever. Even open supremacists like David Duke and Richard Spencer deny it.
Who else has parents like mine?
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