Ahmaud Arbery, self defense or murder?

I believe that in the moment, they both had the legal right to defend themselves and unfortunately it resulted in a fatality.

While I do believe it was legally justified, the decision to attempt a citizens arrest was extremely stupid and if they hadn't done it, none of the events would've transpired and it's sad that a life was ended and others were forever changed for the worst.

I do strongly criticize the judges and prosecutor handling the case as both of the accused along with the man who recorded the incident have been held without bond, this screams political persecution in my eyes given how often people who murdered police officers are allowed to bail out, like the killer of Sean Rios who was also arrested for attempted murder just weeks before shooting and killing an off duty HPD Seargant. There's more than reasonable doubt that it was murder and strong evidence of self defense shown in the video, yet none of them were allowed to bond out and that's ridiculous to me.

I believe the right decision is to find all three not guilty but given how political this trial has already become, the future is very dangerous for the McMichaels. What verdict do you forsee?
Ahmaud Arbery, self defense or murder?
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Ahmaud Arbery, self defense or murder?
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