How do I stop being rascist?

Since I had a mentalbreakdown becasue of rascist black people saying things like 'white people have it so good' or 'white people worry about nothing' and I was like. I was bullied by black people, I have depression and anxiety disorder becasue of black poeple (and portugese ok it wasn't just black people) and I just couldn't handle the hypocrisy.
Now everythime i see a black person I think to myself 'please don't be like them' And then I hear 'blackfishing is the worst' and then I'm like you are like them. But I realised THAT'S RASCIST since I judge those people that I don't know not because of the content of their character but because of their skin colour
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I want to add: i'm also angry at white people who say stuff like that (white people having it better) it's just my mibd tells me that ghere is a higher chance that black people think this way since it Benefits them. (I don't know how to explain this since i'm bad with words and communication in general) Also if you are white you can't help me since nothing you say will go though my skull.
How do I stop being rascist?
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