Leftists, will you please do this survey?

1. What is your age?

2. How would you describe your ethnicity?

3. What is your level of religiosity?

4. Where do you place economically?

5. What is your level of education? What did you study in college, if you attended?

6. What country are you from? If the US, what general region?

7. What is your main political worry?

8. Which group on the left do you most resonate with, if any, from these options below (this is obviously not the full spiel of these affiliations; just trying to give a little vignette to help with resonance)?

a. Solid liberal: hard work is not a guarantee of success, participates in activism, not very religious, government should assist the poor, abortion should be legal in most cases.

b. Opportunity Democrat: you can get ahead with hard work, women and minorities are not quite so discriminated against, immigrants strengthen our country, the US should take into account the interests of allies, even if it means making compromises.

c. Disaffected Democrat: financially stressed, disenchanted with government and economic system, corporations make too much profit, women and minorities still face significant obstacles.

Thank you so much in advance.
[Definitions are based on Pew Research Center and rough notes from this article
Leftists, will you please do this survey?
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