Why are Americans so messed up?

I’m British. I’ve never been there and never will.
Police offers can get away with almost anything. It might as well be a third world country

I always see videos of messed up shit there. Like only that shit would happen there.

People crying because their kids have to wear masks. All the extreme protests, choice of presidents. All the Karens. Crazy delusional psychos. People exercising their ‘rights.’

There’s some extremely smart people there, but most Americans are stupid. School shootings etc. Just a stupid country. Shitty cancer causing food. They give guns to kids. Stupid pronunciation of words They don’t even have free healthcare like the UK. The UK isn’t perfect. But much better than the US. I swear everything bad comes from there.

When I talk about Americans I really mean the USA. I know some cool Canadians. Americans are often so proud, why? 🤣 because you can kill whoever you like?

When I was a kid I used to love America because of all the cool TV shows.
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Why are Americans so messed up?
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