Do you agree/disagree with some/all of my beliefs?

my beliefs below:

#1 employment and oversee jobs

America should be first, build factories in the U. S and give more jobs and boost the economy and GDP while lowering imports and raising exports

#2 Immigration: We should run background checks and health checks on every single individual that wants to immigrate to the U. S, Mirgrant kids should be allowed education regardless of socioeconomic status and Some financial benefits to lift weights off their chests.

#3 Climate change: I believe we should not close down ANY pipeline or halt oil production, However we should slowly transition to eco-friendly things Over the years, Not forcing it

#4 LGBTQ+ Topics (as a homosexual myself): All LGBT citizens and kids be giving all privileges and benefits as other Americans nothing else, For example "Pride month" Its trivial, U. S veterans should get a month not us, Yes we should have LGBT in movies and tv shows, 5% of the Citzens in the U. S are LGBTQ+ so it makes no sense for every movie to have several gay and trans, That is forcing ideaology and is unnecessary, From a statistics standpoint almost ALL relationships on screen will be straight, Therefore MOST relationships on social platforms/movies should be straight couples, Because its a realistic representation of Americans.

#5 Abortion- If the fetus has a heart beat it should NOT be terminated, With the exception of an unwanted pregnancy s uch as r ape or the mothers or babys health is it risk.
#8 Voting: In person voting WITH proof of identity is required to cast your vote, Voting age should be lowered to 16.
Do you agree/disagree with some/all of my beliefs?
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