How was 2021 for you?

This says it all for me, 2021 was definitely better than 2020 but 2020 was a complete nightmare. There were good moments in that year, but they were so rare and never came close to eclipsing the constant misery that the year brought after covid hit and the world shut down. Then anarchy set in after Floyd was killed and crime rose across the board and prosecutors refused to go after anyone arrested for crimes committed during a riot.

Joe Biden has been a disaster and an embarrassment of a president but there's light at the end of the tunnel as people are waking up to the gross incompetence of the democrat party, so much so that a deeply blue state in Virginia flipped red in three separate elections and has become a battleground state.

Then Greg Abbott signed numerous pro 2A bills into law and the Damon Allen act which will hopefully close the revolving door of violent criminals constantly bailing out and committing further acts of violence against society. I wouldn't say I'm optimistic for the future, but brighter days might be ahead and I certainly hope so because the past 3 years have been a train wreck for me.
How was 2021 for you?
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How was 2021 for you?
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