What would you do if eating meat became illegal?

I see a lot of YouTube ads recently about "what if we take this cow of your plate, what if this farmer... so on so on"
so I think it's a possibility some day some crazy vegan will become a politician and make this dumb lawWhat would you do? Would you jus accept it and abide by it? Would you go to protests against it? Or would you ignore the law and continue to eat meat? Like all slaughterhouses would be shut down, you'd have to kill your own meat... Personally, I'd go straight out into a field and kill a cow and then go eat a burger Infront of a police station desk jus to prove a point, I don't give a fuck if I get arrested, at least I prove my point I won't abide too such stupidity
I'd accept and abide by this law like a good boy
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I wouldn't care I'd still eat meat anyway
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I'd be so mad I'd kill a bunch of cows
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I'd do nothing
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I'd go on anti vegan protests
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I'd become a vegan seriel killer
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4 mo
I like the answers. Very nice
What would you do if eating meat became illegal?
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