How do I get over my celebrity crush?

Hi everyone,

first I just wanna say that if I make any spell-mistakes or write "weird" in general, it's because I don't have English as my first language. I'm Swedish.


So I have a celebrity crush (on Kyo from Dir en Grey, if anyone wants to know)... and it's so painful!

I think every girl (and some guys maybe?) has felt this before.

It's like being HARDCORE unrequited in love.

I can't sleep because I think about him, I can't barely eat because it makes me so sad to not have him joining me or something, I don't wanna go out with my friends because I feel so sad... =(

The only things I wanna do is to listen to his music, watch interviews of him, look at pictures of him etc.

I've tried to just face the facts a couple of times, but it just makes me MORE sad and I'm actually is crying over him some times.

I've also tried to take a big fat break from him in general. To not listen to his music, no pictures or posters. nothing.

But it doesn't work! :(

I've been like this for about 3 weeks now I think...

and I will go to a concert with him in London in August...

I don't want to talk to a friend or psych about it. I want to soleve it myself.

Please, help?!
How do I get over my celebrity crush?
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