Moral Question on a Political Issue?

I want to get people's opinions on this matter. In India a mosque built in the 1400s was demolished by Hindu right-wing groups in 1992.

This matter has been very heavily debated because of the history of the mosque. The understanding is that a Hindu temple existed there but was destroyed by a Muslim emperor named Babur. The Supreme court of India has confirmed that the mosque was indeed built on an existing non-Islamic structure.

This matter was in court and kept getting delayed (like most legal cases in India lol) and one day Hindu right-wing activists destroyed the mosque. So Hindus felt vindicated, but Muslims left their rights were trampled upon.

Now recently, the Supreme court ruled that a temple should be built there and a mosque should be built in a nearby area.

I guess what I want to ask is, considering this whole situation - should the history be considered relevant? Why or why not? Who was right?

I'm not religious either ways but I kind of don't know what would be the correct thing. What are your thoughts on this?
The destruction of the mosque was wrong
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Moral Question on a Political Issue?
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