Guys, why don't you answer text messages?

So there is this guy I like, and sometimes he texts back, but then will stop mid-conversation and it'll take him a few hours to text back again and occasionally it'll be the next day. He does always respond back, and I know he has a really busy schedule so I don't get upset about it, but I'm just wondering is it because of his schedule or is it lack of interest? I don't want to get on his nerves but he told me he would tell me if I did, so I try not to text him as much unless he is responding back. Is it because he is busy or is it he just doesn't care to talk to me?


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  • most likely he does this not cause he does not want to seem to needy. A rule of thumb for guys is that if you answer the girl right back you show to much interest and come of as needy which is bad. as long as he at least answers the next day its probably OK

    in plane words just because he takes time to answer does not mean he is not interested. If however it takes longer and longer before he answers and abowe2 days or no answer at all then you get the draft:)


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  • If he replies back at all, he's probably interested. And the sooner the better. But if he doesn't reply back at all, he either forgot or doesn't care. He might be busy, his phone might have died, or he might just have nothing to reply back with. Make sure your texts aren't just "haha" and have actual substance.

    Why don't you ask him to meet up and hang out instead of using texting as your only means of communication?

    • We have hung out before, his schedule is just hectic it seems and I don't want to be bothersome. It's just sometimes he seems more in a talking mood than others, but if I go without texting him he always ends up talking to me. But I don't want to read too much into it either.

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    • Yeah, I kind of get that feeling from him, sometimes he will talk a lot and is super sweet, then other times it's like where the heck are you? So I just try not to expect too much, it's just confusing though when you don't hear anything for hours or even the rest of the day. I'm sorry to hear that about your last relationship, good luck to you! And thanks again! :)

    • I understand exactly how you feel. Really all that kept me sane was concentrating on other things and not thinking about him. I'm fine but thanks. And you're welcome and good luck. (:

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