2pac is the reincarnation of John F Kennedy

So this isn't really a question, you could add a question mark at the end and say the sentence out loud with a rising vocal inflection, but it is meant to be said in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice and comes off as more of a command for you to just agree with me as opposed to actually asking you a question. It's kind of like when a girl says "I look good in this, right?" It means that you better agree or take a knee to the groin. You all shall agree with me on this because I did a lot of thinking about it.

The reason being

-Both JFK and Tupac Shakur were Geminis. JFK was born May 29 1963. 2pac was born June 16 1971.

-Both died young. 2pac died at age 26 and JFK died at the age of 46. Both died under the age of 47.

-2pac was born only 8 years after JFK's death.

-Both came from a family with some sort of political background. JFK had family involved in politics before his birth and 2pac's mother was a Black Panther.

-Both were born in the East. JFK was born in Massachusetts and 2pac was born in Manhattan.

-Both were inspirational to the people, yet both had a dark mysterious side that contradicted their positive disposition and both had some sex scandals and shadiness going on in the background. (2pac sex scandals and JFK and Marilyn Monroe) 2pac preached brotherhood and sisterhood and rising against oppression but he was also involved with the Mob, and also talked about killing, drugs and violence. JFK established the Peace Corps, offered support for the Civil Rights Movement, the space program, and gave the country hope, yet much speculation is there about Kennedy's and Mafia ties. JFK even sold booze illegally and had underground connections that may have helped with his presidential win and might have used mobsters to try to take out Fidel Castro. Mobster Sam Giancana might have helped seal election for JFK in Illinois. And some conspiracies were even staged to make the masses believe that JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald when Jimmy Hoffa might have been involved? Same with 2pac, it was made to look like an East Coast West Coast rivalry but something else was involved. Perhaps Crip, Orlando Anderson, had 2pac killed over fights. (Or was it King Tut)?

-Both were unconventional in their approach to whatever they did. JFK was known for his charm and television appearances and 2pac put his own spin on Gangster music and also was the first popular hip hop musician to get movie roles.

-Both were gunned down in a car in a busy public area and both deaths are still shrouded in mystery. Both witnesses, FBI and people involved are kept in silence about what happened. Both 2pac and JFK have tons of conspiracy theories about what happened to them.

-Anyone somewhat, speculated or directly involved in either JFK or 2pac's death were killed and died mysteriously. Lee Harvey Oswald, Jimmy Hoffa. Biggie Smalls, Yafeu Fala, who saw 2pac's murder and would testify was murdered 2 months later.

-Both are legends
2pac is the reincarnation of John F Kennedy
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