Guy I'm dating said something that really bothered me.

I've been seeing this guy for over two months now. Things have progressed fast and we feel really comfortable with each other. In the beginning he told me he was interested in a relationship, and I didn't know if I wanted a relationship with him quite yet at the time because I barely new him. We're kind of opposites a little, but have both agreed that what makes it interesting. The conversation is never boring whether we're talking about music or arguing over our political/ religious views. We almost always have a little argument over something stupid but always come back to our senses. I've often thought about if we are really compatible, but for some reason its just felt so right because he's so different than the other guys I've dated. Sometimes I can overreact, and take things personal because I have a trust issues due to being used/cheated on in the past. He knows about my history, and seems to still stick around. I've sometimes gotten in fights where I was on the verge of breaking up with him but he always brings me to my sense and talks me out of it. I questioned him one time about his history with a female friend only because he talked about her a lot and he swore they were just friends. That still didn't seem to phase him too much but was upset that I didn't trust him. He does have faults of his own and often wonders what I do when I go out on the town with my girlfriends. He accused me one time of flirting around when I was late to his house but explained I'm only seeing him. He's made comments about us being monogamous, and said that things were getting kind of serious with us. He even asked me to go on the pill so we could have unprotected sex. Which we've never had. I've met his friends and family, but he has yet to meet mine. But I'm trying to make that happen. Then recently I had a conversation with him where I asked him where things were going. I assumed because of the way he talked about us that he was pretty serious about me since he's told me he really likes and cares for me a lot. So I asked if we are boyfriend/ girlfriend? And if so could we change our statuses on Facebook to in a relationship? He said that he didn't want to do that yet because he would have to explain to everybody about his new relationship, and said that he refers to me as his chick when I said that I've been calling him my boyfriend. He said its naturally assumed that we're together but then how come he won't change his status or make it official? Then I told him the reason I want to do it is to put it out there that I'm unavailable to other guys so they won't hit on me. Then he turned around and made an unusual comment that he could leave me at any time he wanted. I didn't know what to think by this comment? But it bothered me because I thought he was serious about me, but when brought up he surprised me. Whenever I get mad at him or don't answer his calls he gets really worried and clingy, so this statement through me off guard. Should I be worried?
Guy I'm dating said something that really bothered me.
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