Looking up his ex girlfriends on Facebook? (GUYS ONLY)

So me and my boyfriend of 3 years (who I lived with), have recently went on a "break" because we fight too much. we're working on it and still see each other, he even offered to continue paying my phone bill. but recently I found that he got a Facebook account and has been looking up ONLY women that he used to know.

ONE of the women was his ex-girlfriend who recently had a baby and he claims to strongly HATE, and the other is his ex-f*** buddy (which happens to be my best friend) who he is NOT friends and he had a thr.ee.some with before.

He claims he's just "curious" about what they're up to, but him and I are still talking and this is really upsetting to me that he's seeking out his exes if he's trying to make things work with me.

****So my questions being,

1) Why is he thinking about his past s.ex.ual partners if he's trying to make it work with me?

2) Why does he care what they're up to, what's going through his mind... is he looking to h.ook up with them?

3) Do I have a right to be angry about this?


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  • 1) he probably want to see how they are doing lately

    2) he is PROBABLY thinking about them and checking up on them

    3) yes you have the right to be angry. cause if I was in the same situation with a girl, then I will be mad as f***

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  • Just tagging this question because I think it's interesting -- and to see what the fellas say. :-)

    Nice profile pic, BTW.

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