How do I get my boyfriend more interested in me than his video games?

My boyfriend works 9 hrs a day, comes home, and plays video games until like 11pm. if I didn't make an occasional noise, he probably wouldn't know I was there. If I try to ask him a question he tells me I talk too much or don't talk because he's busy. It's not always like this though. I'm sick of it though...don't know what to do.


I would talk to him about it


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  • It might be hard if you don't like the games but

    Ask him to teach you how to play it. It could be a bonding experience.

    Or... walk infront of him naked lmao.


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  • If it's not always like this, then how was it before? Is it possible that he has something else on his mind and video games are a method to make his problems go away (similar to how alcohol makes life's problems go away)? At the beginning of your relationship was your boyfriend interesting, happy, and charming? He might be depressed. Could it be because he is tired from his job - physically or metaphorically?

    But ironically if you ask him "what is wrong?" he will probably respond with, "nothing." And that may not be true. So you have to play detective to find out what is going on with him. Anyway do the two of you live together? And if so does he at least cuddle with you at night? If he cuddles then that is a sign he is not totally ignoring you. Right before you go to bed might be the best time to talk to him, because it is after he shut down his computer and you somewhat have him trapped.

    Ask him what he wants to change about his life. Tell him you know that his life is not just peachy. But video games can be really fun within moderation. Don't expect him to eliminate them entirely.

  • Dress up like Super Mario.

    Are you freakin' kidding me? Why are you still with this guy? You asking for help on this issue says a lot more about yourself than his problem ignoring you. Here's what you do: You leave him. And if he comes crawling back, then you tell him he needs to change -- first by getting rid of his gaming system. Of course, you wouldn't be serious. But you need to see if he is about you. Make it an "it or me thing." If he says no, then it's just not meant to be.

  • find a new guy...he'll probably never realize you're gone.


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  • I would go out and do something else. Go out with friends, go to a movie, go shopping. If he wants to sit around playing video games I wouldn't be sitting there like a log with him. My last guy was like that and I got tired of it because that's like saying the video games are more important and you're just supposed to sit around and watch him ya know. He will act right when he sees you're getting bored of it.