Why do people disagree that girls have it easier when it comes to dating and relationships, bf/gf, why?

Why do people think guys are the ones with more options? of course they do!, those that disagree are full of sh*t!, this is what one person said "and it's actually easier for GUYS than for GIRLS, because WE'RE the ones that make all the moves. Hell, it's expected of us to be the ones approaching the girls.", also, this one person said

"that's bullsh*t. They have lots of lame choices and very few good ones. Guys who have balls have MORE choices now, so they are happy as sh*t while all the spineless guys sit around and cry about how women won't approach them", "They don't have a lot of choices. They have a lot of losers trying to get into their pants and they don't want those guys. They want a man, which is rare. Men don't do things like bitch about how "unfair" it is that women "have lots of choices". lol...", "I've said this a few times but it doesn't seem to register; women don't have a lot of choices, nor have they ever. They have to sort through the losers and look for someone decent, which is RARE not common you stupid f***nut. Guys who have the balls to approach girls have lots of QUALITY choices now because of the sever shortage of men with balls who now have manginas instead." seriously that former user Asailum said that, and this is how I argued back with him "women have more choices because all they have to do is welcome or deny advances, they have all the rejecting, choosing power, so what if 90 percent of the guys are random creepers, losers? women have the power to shoe them away instantly, guys can approach girls constantly and there is no guarantee a girl will welcome his advances, like you said, after a guy gets rejected, he should move on to the next girl, easier said than done, because if he does that he comes across as being desperate", and then Asailum says "who cares if he "comes across" as desperate? That's just some petty opinion from someone who doesn't even know you. If you approach girls with this worried attitude about how they will perceive you, your going to screw yourself up every time. You gotta know who you are and be congruent about it and not worry if the girl isn't into you. You can't be worried about: how she perceives you, what she says about you, what the stranger next to her thinks, what her best friend thinks, what her guy friend that likes her thinks, what people are gonna say about it tomorrow, a week from now etc etc etc..

You have to NOT CARE and be indifferent so that you can do what you WANT to do instead of what your "supposed" to do." Then another person who agrees with me says to him "just because a guy has Balls, Mans up, Takes Charge, he is still going to get rejected, and then Asailum says "moviedude, good luck bitching and complaining for the rest of your life while guys who aren't p****** get all the women ;)

socalgamehater, your a f***ing moron. Yes of course your going to get rejected sometimes, so f***ing what? Your gonna let someone you don't even know hold that much power over you? All they have to do is judge you and you crumble?
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sorry for the long post, but that was me having an argument with that former user on this site Asailum, I hate, despise, and loathe him with a huge passion, SERIOUSLY, ALL GIRLS HAVE TO DO IS WELCOME OR DENY ADVANCES!
Why do people disagree that girls have it easier when it comes to dating and relationships, bf/gf, why?
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