Women lack moral agency?

I came across this article, and I was wondering what you guys think. Here's a passage from it:

"The real reason men and women can't be friends is that women lack moral agency.

Moral agency is a person’s ability to make moral judgments and take action that comport with morality. A moral agent is “a individual who is capable of acting with reference to right and wrong.

I’m not suggesting here that women, as a demographic, are immoral, although a surface reading of behavior might sometimes lead to that impression. Rather, they are amoral – simply lacking in a moral or an ethical compass.

Whether this is innate or learned is a matter for speculation outside this discussion’s scope, although my own view is that it is a socialized characteristic. My own experience has shown me a handful of women who appear not to lack this aspect of human identity. By contrast, an individual of immoral character understands ethical behavior and boundaries, but crosses those lines for their own purposes, such as entertainment or advantage. An individual of amoral character feels no boundaries on their own actions. They might be intellectually aware of boundaries on ethical behavior, but that awareness is abstract, and provides no impetus to conduct.

With a small number of exceptions, western women have collectively demonstrated themselves to be unequipped with a grasp of personal accountability, ethics, compassion, or empathy."

If you're interested, the entire article can be found here: link

Women lack moral agency?
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