Is my pregnant roommate taking advantage of me?

So I live with another girl and she is now pregnant. Well, she has been since she moved in.

We are both in a housing program, which means the apartment is not under anyone's name but I did move in first. That doesn't matter much to me.

Well, the housing program is supposed to be only for me and her but she decided to let her boyfriend move in because he is homeless.

Being the nice person that I am, I couldn't turn him away because that would mean he would have to live on the streets. Literally on the streets.

So things were going good at first and he was working most of the time and she was just resting because of her "horrible" pregnancy" but recently her boy friend got layed off so now they are both home ALLLL the time.

And all they do is watch T.V or sleep in the living room.

At first, I wasn't making a big deal of it, but it has gotten to the point where they are literally living in the living room and I can't even go out there to hang out or use the kitchen because they get mad at me when I wake them up.

On top of all of that, they sleep during the Day and are up all night. So that means that during the day time, our living room is practically pitch black and silent and god forbid I make any noise to wake them up!

I just feel this is so unfair and every time I try to bring it up, she comes up with the stupidest excuses.

They have a nice sized room with a twin bed so at least one person could be sleeping in there.

According to her, the bed is too firm so she has to sleep in the living room. She is also a very light sleeper which means that if I make barely any noise, she is awake so that means I have to tip toe around the house when she is sleeping during the day especially if she is in the living room.

They don't have a lot of money so it's not like they can just go purchase a big bed, plus the room is kinda now being taken up by all the baby's stuff.

I know pregancies are hard but it seems like she is taking advantage of me.

I am pretty much stuck in my room all day and I can't cook or hang out comfortably. DO you think she is taking advantage? What should I do? Thanks Vey much! - a very frustrated roommate! :(

Is my pregnant roommate taking advantage of me?
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